McDonald’s – Learn How to Apply for Jobs

McDonald’s is not just about providing you with a delicious meal, but also with a steady income. You can work at a McDonald’s store and find a very interesting opportunity for income and career growth. It can even be a stepping stone for a more promising career later on.

When you think of McDonald’s, your mind immediately goes to burgers and fries but it can be that wonderful career that you have been dreaming of. It all starts with you submitting your online application.


If you want to start your journey and career at McDonald’s, check out the guide below to learn how to apply for jobs at McDonald’s.

McDonald's - Learn How to Apply for Jobs
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Why You Should Apply for Jobs at McDonald’s

Not only does McDonald’s offer a stable job for those who are looking for it, but there are also a plethora of reasons why people would want to apply at the fast food chain. 

McDonald's - Learn How to Apply for Jobs
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You gain access to a slew of benefits and perks that are not available anywhere else.


Proper Training

Many restaurants often hire new employees expecting they already know the ropes. This is why McDonald’s stands out as a newbie-friendly company as they offer proper and thorough training to new employees. 

This way, they understand what needs to be done and why it needs to be done. There are several training programs that you need to go through before you are even allowed to work at the store.

Healthcare Benefits

Another great reason to apply for a job at McDonald’s is their healthcare benefits. Eligible employees get medical insurance coverage as well as dental and vision insurance for checkups. 


There aren’t a lot of companies that cover such expenses for every employee that they have.

Flexible Schedule and Proper Work-Life Balance

Working at McDonald’s can be a little bit chaotic and hectic. There will be long drawn-out days where you work for 12 hours but the company also values proper work-life balance.

Employees can choose from a flexible schedule to accommodate their life outside of work. While there may be instances of overtime, you will also be fairly compensated for the hard work that you have done.

Employee Discount

All McDonald’s employees are also given employee discounts even when they are off shift. 

This means that they can save money every time they choose to dine in at any McDonald’s restaurant near them. It is a special discount to all employees for giving their all to the job.

What are the Requirements to Work at McDonald’s

There are several requirements that you need to meet before you can apply for a job at McDonald’s. You need to be of legal age for you to apply for a full-time job. 

McDonald's - Learn How to Apply for Jobs
Image Source: Los Angeles Times

Other stores allow 14-year-olds and above to apply for a part-time job. You must provide your parent’s consent and other government documentation to avoid any issues. 

Applicants must also have a high school diploma while other positions will require more qualifications such as a college degree and more certifications. 

Certain positions will require you to have previous experience such as supervisors and managers. All of the qualifications can be seen on the official Careers website.

Where to Apply for Jobs at McDonald’s

You can apply for jobs at any McDonald’s store but do you know that there are also several more ways for you to apply without having to go to a nearby store? One of the best ways to apply for a job at McDonald’s is to apply online. 

The online application process is very simple and efficient. You can find more information below about the online application. 

Apart from applying online, you can also check other third-party websites that promote job applications like Indeed. There are also job fairs and events that you can attend to get hired as quickly as possible.

Completing Your Online Application at McDonald’s

If you’re interested in applying online, there are certain steps that you need to follow to submit your online application. 

McDonald's - Learn How to Apply for Jobs
Image Source: Daily Meal

Take note that this is all done online apart from when they call you for an interview. 

They might require you to come to their office for the interview or they can conduct the interview over the phone or through a video call online.

Submitting Your Online Application

Head over to the official website and click on Careers. Search and choose the job opening that you want to apply for and click Apply. 

Provide your personal information and fill out the online application form with more details. 

List down any previous work experience and make sure that you provide both your contact details and your availability. Review everything before you submit.

Personality Assessment and Interview

After you submit your application, you will be invited to take different kinds of assessments. One of which is the personality assessment where they check how you react to different scenarios at work. 

This also examines your personality traits and your work ethic. You are also called for a series of interviews depending on the role that you’ve applied for. 

This can be done online through a video call or they may set a schedule for you to come to their office. You might even have to undergo a series of panel interviews.

Background Check and Job Offer

McDonald’s also conducts a background check for all applicants. They might contact your previous employer to verify your employment as well as talk to many other references from your resume. 

The company can also request that you undergo drug testing. Once everything is done and you have also provided them with the requirements that they need, you will be invited to their office for the job offer. You can sign the job offer and start your training later on.

Orientation and Training

New employees undergo orientation and a tour of the entire facility so they can familiarize themselves. They are also introduced to the team that they will be working with, especially at McDonald’s stores. 

After that, all new hires will undergo extensive training that can last up to several weeks before they can work at the store.


McDonald’s offers opportunities for people who are looking for stable jobs. You get income stability, and career opportunities for growth and development, and you even learn new skills that you can use when you decide to work in a different industry.

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