Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free

Having access to WiFi these days is now a priority and a necessity. Internet connection wherever you go will always be an important aspect of day-to-day life for millions of people all over the world. But what happens if you don’t have one or you can’t stay connected to the internet?

This is why many people are looking for ways to get free WiFi especially when they are traveling. There are a lot of reasons why people continue to find free WiFi for free. You can stay connected to the internet without having to spend a single dollar for your connection.


Check out how to find free WiFi for free and what you need to do when you connect with the article below.

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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Using Public WiFi

Public establishments such as libraries and parks often have free WiFi services all thanks to either the local government or a private group that offers to have them for free. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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These hotspots are offered as a service to the local community to either help them stay connected to the internet or provide emergency access to the internet. 


If you’re planning on connecting to public WiFi, make sure that you are well-protected. 

Turn on your firewall and antivirus program before you connect. You can learn more about protecting your device down below.

Check Out Cafes and Coffee Shops

Apart from libraries and parks, cafes and coffee shops also offer free WiFi to their customers. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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The connection is left open to every customer to connect as part of their service. You still need to check first if the establishment does offer free WiFi for an unlimited amount of time as other coffee shops only allow you to connect to their WiFi for a limited time. 

There are even shops that require the password for you to connect and to get the password, you need to purchase from them.

Ask Your Provider

You can also ask your internet service provider if they offer to let you connect to the WiFi for free. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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Most of the providers often provide promos where you can have a free internet connection for a limited amount of time. 

This can help you save enough money and just subscribe to a promo for the rest of the days that you need the WiFi connection. 

There are promos for new customers to have a free limited-time WiFi connection or those who qualify for assistance programs.

Use Your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone has mobile data that allows you to connect to the internet. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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While you can always use your mobile phone to connect to the free WiFi for free, you can use it as a mobile hotspot so you can connect your other devices to the internet without extra charges. 

All you need to do is enable the mobile hotspot on your phone and connect it to other devices. Take note that it will still consume your mobile data so be careful.

WiFi Sharing Apps

Some apps allow you to check for free WiFi for free in your area. All you need to do is download these apps and use them whenever you go to a certain area. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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You will see a map that has all the available WiFi networks and you can connect to them since many users share their passwords on the app. 

This helps you connect to their WiFi for free. These apps even let you know if the connection is strong and stable so you can choose another one if it is weak. 

This should give you more options to find more ways to connect to the WiFi for free. Some good examples of WiFi-sharing apps include WiFi Map and Instabridge.

Things to Consider Before You Connect to a Free WiFi

Public WiFi or free WiFi means everyone can connect and use the internet connection on that specific network. 

Learn How to Find Free WiFi For Free
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This also means that there will be certain individuals who will abuse this free connection to harm others. They can use the network to hack into your system if you are not careful and steal personal information from your device. 

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to protect yourself. These are the things you need to consider before you connect to free WiFi.

Enable Your Firewall and Antivirus

The very first thing that you need to do is to enable your firewall and antivirus program before you connect to the free WiFi. This makes it difficult for anyone to access your system since it blocks any would-be attacker. 

It also scans your entire system for any viruses and malware then isolates it to protect the rest of your system from getting infected. 

While these features are often turned on by default, it is best that you check it first and see if it is enabled so you can protect yourself.

Don’t Click on Pop-Up Ads

One of the easiest ways for you to get backed within a free WiFi network is when you click on pop-up ads. Ads are always present when you visit a website but you need to be very careful and avoid clicking on them. 

Instead, try to close the ad right away before you click anywhere else. Clicking on these ads has a high risk of infecting your system with malware or viruses.

Download Legitimate Apps Only

If you’re using WiFi sharing apps, make sure that you only download at legitimate platforms only like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

This ensures that the apps you’re using do not take advantage of the personal information stored on your phone and your other devices. You can also use a VPN to mask your IP address for extra security.


When accessing free Wifi, always make sure that you have the best security systems to protect your computer or mobile phone. There are a lot of ways for you to connect to free WiFi for free but you still need to be very careful. Make sure you follow the recommendations above to stay connected to the internet.

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