Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF
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Last Updated Sep 4, 2023
Version VARY

App Description

Introducing Adobe Acrobat Reader, the ultimate PDF editor that puts convenience and power in the palm of your hand! With this indispensable application, you can effortlessly view, edit, and sign PDFs on your Android device. Whether you need to revise a document, fill out a form, or simply read a PDF file, Adobe Acrobat Reader has got you covered. Join millions of satisfied users in experiencing the unrivaled flexibility and functionality offered by this top-rated app.

Unlock the possibilities with the extensive range of features Adobe Acrobat Reader has to offer. Seamlessly annotate PDFs by highlighting text, adding comments, or drawing directly on the document. Need to make last-minute changes to a presentation? Edit text and images effortlessly, ensuring your files are always up to date. With just a few taps, you can even rearrange, delete, or rotate pages within a PDF, allowing you to tailor the content exactly as you desire.

Never miss a deadline or lose a file again! Adobe Acrobat Reader offers the game-changing convenience of cloud storage integration. Access your PDF documents from any device, be it your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Effortlessly sync and share files across all your devices with a simple and secure login to your Adobe account. Take productivity to new heights by seamlessly collaborating with colleagues, friends, or family in real-time. No more email attachments or USB drives required!

Say goodbye to the traditional ink-and-paper signature! With Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can sign any document electronically, eliminating hassle and saving valuable time. Simply take a photo of your signature or utilize an existing image, and the app will apply it flawlessly to any PDF. Need multiple signatures or specific approvals? No problem! Adobe Acrobat Reader enables you to request and track signatures from others, keeping all the necessary paperwork in one location for your convenience.

Join the millions of users worldwide who have trusted Adobe Acrobat Reader for effortlessly viewing, editing, and managing PDFs. Experience the unrivaled power and convenience provided by this essential application. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader today and unlock a world of possibilities right at your fingertips. Your productivity and efficiency will thank you!

Previous Versions

v21.4.1.17706 225.6 MB APK 2022-12-05
v23.1.0.25680.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-01-21
v21.4.1.17706 57.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-08-16
v23.3.0.26622.Beta 472.4 MB APK 2023-03-26
v23.3.0.26648 104.7 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-04-04
v23.4.1.27228 103.1 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-05-05
v23.1.0.25718 106 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-06
v23.1.0.25703.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-01-26
v23.4.1.27229.Beta 473.4 MB APK 2023-05-05
v23.4.1.27228 77.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-05-07
v23.5.0.27596.Beta 476.6 MB APK 2023-05-12
v22.12.0.25247.Beta 475.9 MB APK 2022-12-17
v21.4.1.17706 70.1 MB XAPK  OBB 2022-12-05
v21.7.0.18750 551.3 MB APK 2023-07-14
v22.12.0.25262.Beta 475.8 MB APK 2023-01-06
v23.1.0.25718 473.2 MB APK 2023-02-01
v22.12.1.25269 80.9 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-01-13
v22.12.1.25269 475.9 MB APK 2023-01-12
v23.1.1.25723 80.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-11
v23.1.1.25724.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-02-08
v23.2.0.26143.Beta 133 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-28
v23.2.0.26097.Beta 471.7 MB APK 2023-02-18
v23.1.2.25728 80.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-18
v23.2.0.26065.Beta 471.7 MB APK 2023-02-14
v23.2.0.26162 472 MB APK 2023-03-06
v23.3.0.26648 472.4 MB APK 2023-05-02
v23.3.0.26648 302.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-31
v23.3.0.26648 79.1 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-04-05
v23.3.0.26564.Beta 472.3 MB APK 2023-03-23
v23.4.0.27220 102.8 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-08-16
v23.5.0.27715.Beta 475.4 MB APK 2023-05-24
v23.5.0.27680.Beta 475.4 MB APK 2023-05-19
v23.4.0.27221.Beta 298.7 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-05-02
v22.12.1.25269 106.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-01-13
v23.4.0.27215.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-04-28
v23.1.1.25723 473.2 MB APK 2023-02-07
v22.12.0.25261 106.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-01-05
v23.2.1.26166 472.2 MB APK 2023-03-10
v23.4.0.27138.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-04-24
v21.7.0.18750 121.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-07-15
v23.1.0.25632.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-01-13
v23.1.0.25718 80.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-01
v23.1.0.25719.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-02-01
v23.1.1.25723 105.9 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-07
v23.2.0.26162 104.3 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-07
v23.2.1.26166 104.5 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-13
v23.3.0.26622.Beta 134.4 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-26
v23.1.2.25728 105.9 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-02-23
v23.1.2.25728 473.2 MB APK 2023-02-23
v23.4.0.27094.Beta 473.2 MB APK 2023-04-14
v23.3.0.26651.Beta 472.4 MB APK 2023-03-31
v23.2.1.26166 78.9 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-03-13
v23.4.1.27228 473.4 MB APK 2023-05-04
v23.5.0.27746 103.6 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-06-09
v23.5.0.27747.Beta 475.4 MB APK 2023-06-06
v23.5.0.27746 77.8 MB XAPK  OBB 2023-06-07
v23.6.0.28101.Beta 477.5 MB APK 2023-06-09
v23.5.0.27719.Beta 475.4 MB APK 2023-06-03
v23.5.0.27746 475.4 MB APK 2023-06-05
v23.6.0.28153.Beta 477.6 MB APK 2023-06-21
v23.6.0.28187.Beta 477.2 MB APK 2023-07-03

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